GSCEs and A Levels : True colours and EQ

How can the knowledge of your true colours help you with your next steps? It’s finally here, the day that’s ...
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Case Study: Ledbury Primary School Head Teacher shares her experience and insights into the impact of C-Me for individuals and her whole school

Understanding ourselves and our team to be the best we can be for our school “As a team, we have ...
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Eight Ways Parents Can Build Resilience

There’s no doubt that resilience has become a buzzword. As parents, many of us have added to our long-ish list ...
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Nine Ways Parents Can Support Their Graduate Children To Get A Job

So your new graduate’s back home for the summer but – you hope – not forever, because you want to ...
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One Year On: How Our Business Skills Courses Have Made a Difference

Our business skills start-up, Flying Start XP, has just celebrated its first birthday. It’s definitely been a year of teething ...
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Seven Ways You Can Use Your Summer Holidays To Master New Career Skills

Summer holidays are about relaxing on the beach, making up on all the Netflix hours missed while studying for exams, ...
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Interview with Flying Start XP Marketing Director, Kirsty Pank

What motivated you to work with Flying Start XP? Personally, I’ve always loved the idea of nurturing young people’s potential, ...
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Why We Want To Be Part Of The Birmingham Buzz

If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life, as Samuel Johnson famously wrote. We’d admit that we are not ...
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The Secrets of Successful Apprenticeships: How To Keep Everyone Happy

Almost one-third of UK apprentices do not complete their apprenticeship programme. Some of this attrition is natural: it’s not uncommon ...
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Introducing Flying Start Bootcamp

Welcome to Flying Start Bootcamp: in just five intensive days, we set you up to get the job, the career ...
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