Father Christmas And Your Career:  7 Tips On Using The Festive Season To Achieve Your Goals In 2017

Father Christmas And Your Career: 7 Tips On Using The Festive Season To Achieve Your Goals In 2017

The Christmas holiday break can be a welcome chance to watch hours of great TV, eat to excess and put in quality time with mates at the pub.

The holiday season, however, can also be a chance to get the skills and experience your CV will need if you’re going to land the really competitive roles in 2017. The job climate is nothing if not uncertain at the moment, and candidates need to put in the hours planning how they’ll stand out from the crowd.

Here are our seven top tips on making the most of your holiday break:

  1. Get A Holiday Job – a retail or temping job will give you the real-world experience you’re going to need. You’ll be part of a team, deal with different types of colleagues, work with the public, solve problems and watch different management styles in action. You’ll be gathering the convincing examples needed to answer the most common job interview questions with confidence.
  2. Volunteering – volunteering really impresses employers. It shows personality, determination and empathy. Choose a sector relevant to your career goals, and you’ll get some great skills you’ll be able to show off at interview, as well as a reference from an industry insider. Getting some like-minded friends together could make it even more fun.
  1. Build Your Skill Set – take this time to learn some practical skills you may not be getting at school, college or Uni. Flying Start XP has short courses over December and January to hone your interviewing skills so you can achieve your job goals in 2017, be that getting a place on a grad scheme, nailing an internship, or winning a competitive apprenticeship.
  1. Do Some Life Planning – studying is pressured, and during your breaks it’s important to get some perspective and see where you’re winning, where you’re losing and whether it’s all what you want anyway. Do a quick personal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and you’ll get an idea of where you want to be focusing in 2017. Set goals for the year, and break this down into weekly and monthly tasks you’ll need to achieve them. Drop us an email if we can help with this – it’s what we do!
  1. Networking – the strength of your personal networks, including your peer group, will really make a difference throughout your career. Catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while, compare notes, share your thoughts, and you’ll find yourself inspired and full of ideas. Your parents’ friends may not seem immediately relevant, but most of them will love to share advice and opportunities too.
  1. Do A Social Media Makeover – take a step back from your online networks, and work out which ones you want to use strategically. You might want to keep Snapchat and WhatsApp for fun with friends, but work on making your LinkedIn and Facebook professional and impressive. Consider how writing a blog could create a personal brand that can win for you at interviews – make a regular commitment, carve out your own niche, and you’ll build a really impressive presence and following.
  1. Relax – you won’t manage all of the above! Set a few important goals you think will really make a difference to you next year, and then enjoy your time with friends and family.

Flying Start XP run workshops for 18-24 year-olds. Our students acquire the confidence needed to get the best jobs, and add value to their employers from day one. Follow us on LinkedIn to get all the latest news, updates and special offers.

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