Gareth Southgate – our Flying Start XP Ambassador

Gareth Southgate – our Flying Start XP Ambassador

In 2018, we started a great relationship with The Princes Trust, developing a 2-day Future Leaders Programme to support the amazing work they do with young adults (16 and 30 years old).

Our programme focuses on building confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem, giving them the tools and techniques to be able to prepare for an interview, articulate strengths and skills with memorable evidence to support their experiences. We spend time finding out what their native genius is, their behaviour preferences and also the preferences of the people around them. Understanding self is key but if that helps you understand others and adapt your behaviour to get the best out of them, well you really do start to stand out.

In April 2019, we heard some exciting news that we had a new ambassador joining us for our May programme. Gareth Southgate, England football manager, wanted to be involved and highlight the great work we were doing with young people by delivering this programme. We were definitely excited.

Gareth joined us for the afternoon of Day 1 where we introduced C-Me colour profiling. C-me is a psychometric tool focusing on behaviour preferences, something which Gareth was familiar with. Along with Gareth came TV cameras, boom mics and journalists, and Charlie (Welch) and I (Alex Webb) had to carry on as though nothing was any different. It was a very surreal experience.

Another year on, Gareth has now checked in again with this programme, this time it’s online and being run, not by us but by Princes Trust facilitators who we trained up to deliver the course themselves. We are not only proud of the programme we’ve created, proud of the young adults who we have met along the way but also proud of the Princes Trust facilitators who have taken our baby and continued to nurture it and grow it.

And for those of you who know colour profiling, what colour preference do you think Gareth leads with?

  • Red? Determined and bold with a winning mentality?
  • Yellow? Innovative and creative bringing a zest for life to all that he does?
  • Green? Harmony, diplomacy, a focus on ‘team’?
  • Blue? Realistic and analytical, using logic to make decisions?

Everyone is a blend of all four colours but we do always lead with one or two. These are our more natural behaviours which take little effort to show. Gareth leads with green which everyone on the programme found interesting. This completely busted the myth that great leaders have to be red. You can be a leader whatever colour you lead with and it’s Gareth’s focus on team, individuals, empathy and listening to the players which has helped create an England team that looks like they want to play for each other. Well that’s my thinking anyway.

We continue to focus on growing young talent and developing programmes that really do make an impact.

For access to the full article in the Manchester Evening News. Head here

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