Introducing Flying Start Bootcamp

Introducing Flying Start Bootcamp

Welcome to Flying Start Bootcamp: in just five intensive days, we set you up to get the job, the career and the lifestyle you deserve. We’ll teach you the skills, the tools and the behaviours to stand out at interview, at work and in education. Put simply, we’ll transition you from student to businessperson.

It’s not just about what you learn, it’s about who you’ll meet. Our leaders will enable you to be the best you can be and will guide you through business challenges pushing you out of your comfort zone ensuring you learn at your maximum.

They’ve each got a minimum of twenty years business experience across various sectors as well as in military, sport and entrepreneurship. They know how to play the game of business because they’ve been there and they’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to make it in the workplace. They’ll put you under the microscope, pull out your strengths, dissect your weaknesses: you’ll finish the course with a clear career map based on your own natural potential.

You won’t get there on your own, though: you’ll forge bonds with your peers, each with different backgrounds and strengths. This will be your foundational network: the people who’ll have your back throughout your career. The people you can call when things get tough at work and there’s no-one else you trust. We’ll put you in touch before Bootcamp starts, we’ll set you up to achieve together, and we’ll help you use each other’s strengths and knowledge after Bootcamp is over.

You can join us in either Birmingham (July) or London (October) to explore the following:

Day One: Who Am I? Our team of business leaders and mentors will help you strip back the layers of anxiety, modesty, self-image, and the expectations of others. Using psychometric testing they’ll help you diagnose your own strengths and weaknesses, and show you how to use them to get where you want. Don’t have the faintest clue where you want to be? We’ll also be showing you how to find the direction you need.

Day Two: Working With Others. We’ll teach you how to really study and understand other people and how to adapt your communication styles to get the results you would like. You’ll learn and experience how business teams work, the roles you naturally play and therefore how to get the best out of those around you. An opportunity to develop your project management tools in a challenging environment. It’s fun to see how individuals react and their true strengths and weaknesses being portrayed. A great learning experience and one where you’ll begin to understand and identify people’s natural behaviours and then begin to choose the right tools to ensure you can get the best out of that person.

Day Three: Project Your Most Confident Self: being confident in a business environment is a whole new ballgame. We’ll equip you with the tools you need to be calm and impressive when interviewing and presenting. You need to get noticed but for the right reasons. We help you experience and understand common pitfalls and ensure you avoid them both in meetings and in front of new employers. We give you the tools to discover your true values which will provide you with the foundations and understanding of where you fit in within the business environment early in our career. We’d bet that you’ll still be using these skills you learn today when you’re sitting on the other side of that interview table I a few years time.

Day Four: Welcome To The World of Money. This is where you get your hands dirty and really have fun. School and uni don’t teach you how to strike a deal when to keep quiet in a negotiation, or how to play your strongest cards. Business leaders get frustrated with candidates with zero practical commercial skills: today we put you in a different league and make sure you’ve got the business language around budgeting and negotiation so you have something to say when it comes to those killer questions about commercial awareness.

Day Five: Making Your Way. No-one leaves today’s session until they can tell us in one sentence what they want and how they’re going to get it. We show you how to clear the career fog and put what you’ve learnt this week into action. You’ll exit with your own career roadmap. You’ll know what to do when things don’t go your way: we teach you how to keep your focus and push onward. You’ll share your roadmap with your peers, and over the next year support each other to make those killer plans a reality.

The Details

Flying Start Bootcamp will run in Birmingham on 24-28 July and in London on 23-27 October.

Any questions?

Do I get a professionally recognised qualification? Yes: Flying Start Bootcamp is CPD accredited, meaning it has met the standards required to constitute continuing professional development. It will be a powerful addition to your current CV.

Will you help me get a job? We are not a recruitment agency and cannot organise a position for you. We do, however, show you how to network proactively and continuously. We significantly strengthen your presentation at interview. Together, our team’s experience and network span hundreds of major employers, and we promise you individualised advice on how to be strategic in your industry of choice. We also get to know each of our students well so we can advise on next steps or introduce you to businesses keen to employ proactive and confident students.
*we are presently working with SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises to be able to offer a link into business from those students on our course)

Will your course help get me an apprenticeship? The FS Bootcamp provides the skills, tools and techniques which increase your confidence and self-awareness. These key skills are essential for employers to ensure you get noticed. They want to employ candidates who have commercial awareness and are willing to learn. The Bootcamp does not focus on completing apprenticeship forms or application documentation but it does give you the knowledge of how to talk about your skills to highlight how they are key to any new role.

Is Flying Start Bootcamp a good investment? Our price of £1450 reflects the high level of expertise on our team, and our focus on individualised mentoring and support. There are no long, generic, boring sets of notes to ‘read and discuss’. Our teaching is hands-on, experiential and highly memorable: our aim is to give you what you need and to push you hard to realise your individual potential, not to just ‘teach a course’. Students leave thinking they know ‘x’ amount but as they continue their journey into business, they realise they have learnt 50% more. These new behaviours are instilled and readily available when the situation arises. This is what makes this course so powerful.

Feedback shows that our FS Bootcamp is excellent value for money: we can shorten your job search by 6-12 months, so you will make back your initial investment fast.

If you book before April 30, you can access the earlybird rate of £1350, saving £100. Use code: fsbootcamp or whatcareer

I’d like to talk to someone about whether Flying Start Bootcamp is right for me. We’d love to talk. Give us a call on 0207 099 6558, email or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’re more than happy to talk through your individual situation and help you establish whether the course is a good fit for you.


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