Berendsen Level 2 Course 1
Level 2 Course – Berendsen
Level 1 Course - London 1
Level 1 Course – London
National Graduate & Recruitment Fair 1
National Graduate & Recruitment Fair




Very helpful in identifying what is missing in the gap between university and business and how to improve and move forward.”
Eniola Ososanya – Graduate Workshop

It has given me the opportunity to self-assess my strengths and areas for improvement in an interactive environment.”
Ruby Shah – Graduate Workshop

This session was incredibly welcoming and enjoyable, but above all, extremely valuable. I already fell more confident going ahead and improving my skills in business.”
Shivani Joshi – Graduate Workshop

I found the session extremely insightful, I took away really important and simple ideas. I’ve now been enrolled onto a graduate programme as a Commercial graduate.I would like to say thank-you as I feel the information I took away was invaluable and contributed to my success at the interview.”
Federica Williams – Graduate Workshop

We asked Flying Start to deliver a week-long programme which would help our Trainees to understand themselves better and focus their development on becoming effective future managers. Feedback from both managers and Trainees has been remarkable and the positive comments have continued to come in even months later, as the Trainees reflect on their learning and apply it to their projects.”
Gemma Berendsen – HR Director. Berendsen Level 2 Course


Flying Start XP - Communicator

It has opened my eyes to another side of life and given me invaluable experience for my future career.”
Darius Wood – Student, Level 1 Course

He has learnt more in 5 days that in his year of doing business A level.”
Katrina MacPherson – Parent, Level 1 Course Student


When exploring the world of self improvement, it can be a difficult task to find a company that not only has the knowledge and ability to aid your development but also one that truly cares about its client and I can safely say that Flying Start is that needle in the haystack.”
Thomas Currie – Online Coaching

Made me aware of how powerful the perception of others are.”
Mike Kalisz – Graduate Programme, Level 2 Course

This course is focused on you.”
Will Morgan – Student, Level 1 Course


The techniques / skills you taught me have been very transferable & helpful in getting me this job. I am also still working hard on how to improve my daily routines, to make sure I am achieving what I want to. A huge thank-you.”
Will Morgan – Student, Level 1 Course

The course really helped me to learn tools I can use in the day-to-day business environment and I think everything we’ve discussed will be a very valuable factor in developing as a future leader.”
James Daly – Graduate Programme, Level 2 Course

It challenges your way of thinking and opens your mind to new ideas. Your life wont change tomorrow but it could define the next ten years.”
Thersia Verschuur – Graduate Programme, Level 2 Course

Through the techniques taught to me by Charlie, I know now how to combat my nerves and am immensely more confident than I was prior to our session. If you’re looking for an edge when it comes to applying for jobs, look no further than Flying Start XP.”
Thomas Currie – Online Coaching


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