Accelerate Into: Bootcamp (5 Day)


Overview: The student route into a successful business career; essential skills and mindset to get yourself noticed in your first job and excel early in your career. This course develops skills that last a lifetime and allow you to add value to a company from day one, cutting out the frustrations of both managers and early starter. Our Level 1 Bootcamp course teaches fundamental business skills and 20 business behaviours.


Days: 5




Course Descriptions: Our Level 1 course teaches you business skills you need to accelerate your career. It gives you an advantage over your peers and allows you to walk tall with confidence in a business environment. This is about how you make a difference and get business done. We believe there is no one going into the world of business that would not benefit hugely from this course.

We understand that moving from school/university into business is daunting and with a new confidence and self-awareness, you will understand how business works, what is expected of you and how you can be a proactive and value adding employee.

We teach you 10 core business skills and over 20 business behaviours in one week, but the key to this course is how you apply these skills to your advantage.  It is lead by highly experienced business facilitators who use experiential methods to bring scenarios to life so you learn by doing and being fully involved. The course is great fun and inspiring.

Why wait a year to slowly learn and progress when you can do it in one week? It’s your time to get noticed and maximise your early potential

Who’s this course for?

  • 17 – 24-year-olds who
    • want a career in commercial business and want to progress fast
    • are starting out on their career and want some insights into what they are going into and how to prepare for it
    • are looking to secure the first step on their career ladder
    • are on a graduate programme, internship or apprenticeship


  • First Impressions
  • What is a business and how does it work
  • Learning Styles
  • Why me? What have I got to offer?
  • Pitching to win
  • Team Dynamics and Leadership
  • Meetings that lead to action
  • Effective Project Management
  • Presentations that get people listening
  • How to influence people
  • This is me! My values and beliefs
  • Keeping my budget on track
  • Win-Win Negotiating
  • Networking
  • Future steps and personal planning


  • Gain a real insight into how you get things done in business
  • Understand what a business is wanting from you and how you can exceed expectations
  • Be able to communicate in different business environments and become regarded as an asset to a business
  • Have a business toolkit that will help you throughout your career
  • Build your confidence so you are comfortable working in a new environment
  • Be given the experience of highly trained business facilitators

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Birmingham 24 – 28 July, London 25 – 29 September


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