Accelerate In: Apprentices Bootcamp (3 day)


Focusing on developing core skills and behaviours, which create a culture that attracts, upskills and retains great people in your business


3 day





One of the main challenges facing industry is People; how to attract, develop and keep them.

  1. Attraction

Against many pre-conceptions Millennials and Gen Z are ambitious, want to make a difference, be acknowledged, be developed and want to build a career. The industries that address these issues and create a progressive and nurturing culture will appear attractive to top talent. Induction programmes tend to focus on technical skills yet it is core skills, communication, corporate values and culture that build the team and a sense of being valued.

We run a one week / three-day bullet course that brings these elements to life using experiential training. We release individual potential, build confidence and develop a business mindset. We clarify for apprentices an understanding of where they fit in and how they can contribute from day one as a valued individual.

  1. Speed of progression

The skills gap between education and business is vast. Academic success does not translate into business acumen. Managers are under increased pressure and have less time to develop those who work with them.

We accelerate this process by teaching both core skills and behaviours in a safe but challenging environment. These skills allow them to add value to the bottom line faster and will advance their careers; we can do it quickly, so it is not left for them to pick it up on the job.

  1. Retention

Although salary is a significant factor in keeping people within a company, it is the environment, job satisfaction, career path, values and a sense of being valued that will hold more sway.

We bring to life the importance of corporate culture so they can see the differences and benefits. We develop the leadership qualities, communication skills and behaviours that high performing teams require so that each early starter can add value and feel valued.

Flying Start XP can help you build a loyal and dedicated team who want to keep working for you. We run 3-5 day courses that focus on:

Essential Core skills: Communication, personal impact, presentation, resilience, team dynamics, managing stakeholders, decision making, verbal briefing, negotiation, budgeting, project management, running an effective meeting, networking

Business Mindset: Confidence and self-awareness via psychometric testing and the chance to practice the skills in a safe environment.

Business Behaviours: How to get ideas across, influence others, how to work in a team and get the best out of people, how to manage yourself, how to behave in business, and how to work with senior managers.

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