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Understand yourself, understand your candidates and understand what it takes to build a successful team.


One market leading client saw their churn rate fall from 27% to 10% after using C-me profiles




Understand yourself, understand your candidates and understand what it takes to build a successful team. C-me allows you to introduce a quick, cost-effective and scalable online profiling tool. It can successfully inform talent strategy and help you deliver effective interviews. It provides the insight for you to successfully assess candidates and role fit, whilst also helping you to build a connection and improve the candidate experience.

Connect better with candidates

  • Quickly understand relevant information about each candidate
  • Get the most out of the interview time
  • Communicate better and help candidates feel quickly at ease
  • Improve the candidate experience

Deliver effective interviews

  • Communicate with insight and a deeper understanding
  • Use the report to understand the candidate’s ability to know their own natural talents
  • Stretch the candidate by asking questions focused on their less preferred ways of working

Measure what works

By looking at the team wheel you can identify several aspects of the role you’re filling:

  • Where does this role fit with the rest of the team?
  • Is there a gap in the wheel and is it hindering performance?
  • Are there any potential tensions to be managed?

Identify team fit

  • Does the candidate increase preference diversity or do they fit into a cluster of similar preferences?
  • Use C-me to help induct new team members in a quicker, more meaningful way by understanding communication preferences and managing expectations effectively

Understand your own preferences

When interviewing a candidate, be aware of the blind spots that you might share and challenge the candidate on them; take into account those with the opposite colour preference to yourself and adapt your approach appropriately. Be aware that we sometimes tend to hire in our own image.

Guideline Costs for staff workshops (please call for costs for student workshops)

A 3-hour workshop for those recruiting with your company is recommended to fully understand how colour profiling works and how you can use it going forward.

3-hour workshop – between £900 and £1,500 depending on the number of people attending

Individual Reports range from £25 – £99 per person depending on the depth of report required

1 review for Colour Profiling Recruitment

  1. Claire Derrick

    We used C-Me Profiling when recruiting for our Head of Sales and Marketing to ensure we got the right person to join and compliment our team. It was quick, easy and extremely effective. Thanks to Alex for the profiling – a job well done.

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