Foundation Course, Interviewing and Up-skilling (3 days)

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Our 3-day course includes all the elements of the Foundation and Interviewing with Excellence courses, but delves deeper into the behaviours and mindsets crucial to career success





Our employability courses are the essential addition to academic qualifications, releasing natural potential to set students firmly on their path to career success.

Our 3-day course not only establishes who you are, your unique potential, strengths and weaknesses; it delves deeper into the behaviours and mindsets crucial for career success. We push to develop the behaviours employers say they most need – being proactive, influencing others, strategic thinking, confidence and assertiveness.

Using C-Me profiling, we ensure you can perform in a team and manage the different personalities you will encounter at work. You will develop a business mindset and acquire solid skills such as negotiation and running effective meetings. This course will give you a powerful set of tools that will ensure you are career-minded and employable, whatever your next steps.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Proactively use their psychometric profile and understand their personal working preferences
  • Articulate their individual skills and provide evidence of them
  • Examine working sectors and roles within organisations
  • Know how to plan for and confirm relevant work experience
  • Understand the power of networks and how to start a conversation
  • Understand how teams work and develop so you can actively influence a team environment
  • Run an effective meeting using newly learnt behaviours and observational skills
  • Know how to make a great first impression
  • Understand the importance of proactivity
  • Amend their social media networks to increase employability
  • Interview with Impact


Courses can be run as open courses or for a whole year group. If you are a school or a parent interested in setting your student/s on the right road, please do give us a call.

2 reviews for Foundation Course, Interviewing and Up-skilling (3 days)

  1. Libby Cloete

    Flying Start XP is a surefire way to kickstart your future! The Flying Start team were not only incredibly friendly and interesting but also helpful and keen to encourage you to pursue your ambitions in order to achieve your future as well as being prepared to assist you in any way possible. The course itself, while incredibly enjoyable, equipped me with the skills to perform in an interview, create and tailor a perfect CV, as well as being able to pin down your interests to coax you in the right direction for the future you want. Most importantly, the course helps you discover, embrace and harness your skills in order for you to accentuate these traits so you can use them to your greatest possible advantage! Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anybody who has the opportunity to be involved.

  2. George Gosling

    Flying Start XP is a really engaging way to prepare anyone for the rapidly changing future of work. Their course is the perfect way to learn how to make the most of any opportunities that will arise in life. The course consists of a range of different beneficial classes; a few of which were recognising the traits of a good CV, improving body language, the best way to approach an interview, how to work with a range of different personalities, spotting peoples characteristics (including strengths and weaknesses) and identifying your own best attributes. Moreover, the team are very encouraging and helpful in all aspects, in addition they all make a real effort to know each participant personally. To conclude, the course has by far been the best advice and informative experience I have ever had on bettering my future.

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