Foundation Course (1 day)

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1 day course

This one-day course is designed to be the first step and bedrock for each student starting their journey towards employability.







Our employability courses are the essential addition to academic qualifications, releasing natural potential to set students firmly on their path to career success.

This one-day course is designed to be the first step and bedrock for each student starting their journey towards employability. To find the right vocation and one they will truly enjoy, they first need to understand who they are, what makes them unique and where they would naturally fit in. Once established they can then focus on the right job role and use their experiences to come across as passionate, genuine and suitable candidates.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Proactively use their psychometric profile and understand their personal working preferences
  • Articulate their individual skills and provide evidence of them
  • Examine working sectors and roles within organisations
  • Know how to plan for and confirm relevant work experience
  • Understand the power of networks and how to start a conversation
  • Know how to make a great first impression
  • Understand the importance of proactivity
  • Amend their social media networks to increase employability


Courses can be run as open courses or for a whole year group. If you are a school or a parent interested in setting your student/s on the right road, please do give us a call.

3 reviews for Foundation Course (1 day)

  1. Felix Flute

    I really enjoyed the Flying Start course when it came to my school. They were a great help in giving me insight to what the future has to offer me and how I can adapt myself to do the best I can when trying to get a job. They also helped me realise what type of person I am, and how I can use my characteristics to benefit my employability levels. Thank you for coming to our school, you were a huge help.

  2. Elsa Charlwood

    Experiencing Flying Start XPs 1-day employability session was extremely enjoyable. We were split into different groups and given fun activities to do such as the game Pit which got us on our feet and helped us recognise how we communicate with others. We also learnt lots of useful and relevant keywords to add to our personal statements and LinkedIn profiles.

    Some of us then took a C-me personality test with Charlie. This was really useful, as we were able to identify the behaviours which will give us an advantage/disadvantage when going into the workplace and help us discover which types of jobs would suit us best.

    We then met Alex who helped us prepare for interviews, gave advice on how to network effectively and also how to improve our connections. We finished off the day by learning how to count to ten in Japanese! We would like to thank Flying Start for giving us an exceptionally helpful and enjoyable employability day.

  3. Callum Fisher

    Having Flying Start at our school was great. Alex and Charlie were brilliant and their enthusiasm meant that the day was fun as well as informative. The skills they taught us were really useful and I have tried really hard to build my LinkedIn profile after hearing about the importance of it from Alex.

    I also thought that Charlie’s session using colours (C-Me) and learning about the different behaviour traits was so interesting and I was surprised that I was a green preference.

    Overall, it was a great day and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thank you!

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