Personal Profiling using Colours


Working with your staff to communicate more effectively, develop better teams and excel at what comes naturally. (For business C-Me workshops please see our business section)



Working with your staff to communicate more effectively, develop better teams and excel at what comes naturally

What is C-me?

By focusing on behavioural preference, the C-me profiling reports provide organisations with a level of understanding that can immediately be applied. The online questionnaire takes only minutes to complete but produces valuable insight to help you discover and nurture natural talent and build long-term success.

How can C-me help your organisation?

C-me helps us to understand firstly our own preferred ways of doing things and then gives us the opportunity to adapt to improve our relationships with others within our business, team or with external suppliers and partners. When applied, C-me enables us to immediately communicate more effectively and provides a common language and framework for driving change in an organisation and achieving tangible results, fast.

What can C-me help your school achieve?

• Better internal and external communication, quickly

• A greater understanding of your staff, their strengths and how to harness their natural abilities

• More productive engagement with other departments, parents and students

• A thriving staff culture built on real understanding

• Informed decision making, effective change management and tools to plan successfully for the future

• Knowledgeable talent strategy and powerful interviews, improved candidate experience and successful role-fit

• Higher retention rates

Flying Start XP use C-Me profiling across all our 1 day + workshops. This common language becomes the foundation for key behaviour change and adaptation within both students and staff. As well as recommending this course for staff, we would also recommend this short workshop for Year 12 students who are beginning to build their University applications or apply for apprenticeships and job roles.

Guideline Costs for staff workshops (please call for costs for student workshops)

Workshops are recommended at 3 – 5 hours depending on the depth of reports and team requirements. Costs will, therefore, depend on group and size.

3-hour workshop – between £900 and £1,500

5-hour workshop – between £1,500 and £2,500

Individual Reports range from £25 – £99 per person


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